T H E  G A R D E N R O O M



A clear sense of structure is essential for a successful garden.

The lines that the designer draws on the paper has a big impact on how great the outdoor space turns out at the end.

My work is characterized by a very determined use of geometric lines which gives the garden it’s  fundamental structure. A structure that is not only contemporary but also a very timeless one. 

In many ways a garden designer plays the same role as what an architect does with your house.

Essentially, it’s all about creating a beautiful space for you and your family to enjoy. 

Whether your garden is big or small, I have the professional knowledge to transform your garden and make it the ideal addition to your home.

My mission is very simple: to create a timeless outdoor space and to ensure that your garden gets a structure that is both beautiful and functional.


Karina Emilie Revsbæk Lauesen 

I believe that a well designed garden is based on creativity, vision and a great deal of respect for the surroundings.

Another measure of a great garden is the way that it makes you feel. If the mood and atmosphere isn’t there, there’s a good chance that the garden wont be used at all. 


A design package from THE GARDENROOM GARDENDESIGN contains a tailormade garden plan based on the dreams and wishes you have for your garden. On the garden plan I suggest where to place:

  • Hedges, trees and flower beds
  • Paths and other paved areas
  • Greenhouses, pergolas, fences and sheds 


With the garden plan, I’ll add inspirational moodboards with constructions, pots and lighting (etc) that aligns with the rest of the design. 

Planting plan

A detailed planting plan is of cause included in the package. 

Along with the planting plan I also add photos of all plants that I suggest.


Before I start designing your garden we must, of course, have a dialogue about your dreams and wishes for the garden. In the dialogue well be talking about all of the functions you like me to include or if you have some specific plants or materials that you want med to incorporated into the design. The dialogue goes though emails, or online calls if necessary

If you allready have pictures of the garden, I would like you to send me these in advance so I can get acquainted with the layout. Along with that I will also ask you to send me all of the measurements of the plot.

When I have received all the materials, I’ll start designing your garden. 

In order to complete the project I might send you some unanswered, or additional, questions along the way.

When the garden plan and the design package is all done I will sent it on a PDF to your email.

After you have studied the garden plan I’m of cause happy to answer any questions to you by email.


The price for a garden plan, along with the design Package, for plots of up to 900 m2 is:  1.950 € incl. VAT

As soon as I saw Karina's garden, I knew I had to ask her to re-design ours! We were unhappy with our small garden for a long time. It was split over three areas, poorly designed (by us), uninviting and underused. Karina's design has turned our small cramped garden into a little oasis with points of interest, beautiful, naturalistic

planting and an abundance of sitting and lounging areas. We fell in love the new design as soon as we saw it.  

Overall, Karina was a pleasure to work with. Her ideas are creative, she came up with some imaginative solutions to some tricky issues, like drain covers in the middle of the garden and tall shrubs that were too big to move.

She also gave us practical examples and supplier suggestions for the features we wanted to include. We would have no hesitation in recommending Karina's work.

Jayne Westerholt, Germany

We would like to thank you for the highly professional and gorgeous garden plan.

We have been going back and forth for so long on how to make our small garden a feel-good oasis with different spaces and niches.

We are extremely happy that we found you. Your proposal is incredible and meets our ideas 100%. We are excited to get started soon and will implement exact all of your suggestions.

A thousand and big thanks also for patiently answering all our questions.

We can heartily recommend you and are incredibly happy to have stumbled across your account.

Jeanne Augustin, Switzerland